energy report

During my inspections I evaluate major appliances, electrical equipment, building design, insulation and airtightness to recommend upgrades so the buyer can conserve energy and save money. The home energy report is provided at no additional cost. 

Infrared Technology

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an infrared image is worth a thousand days, and even more in dollars. With my Infrared camera I can verify if there are water or air leaks, both of which can save thousands if caught early and addressed properly.

Same Day guarantee

My Horizon mobile reporting software allows me to have most of the report filled before leaving the property. I guarantee to have a comprehensive inspection report securely published online by the end of the day. Most of my clients can even look it over during dinner.

Competitive Prices

I believe a smiling face and a job well done can go a long way. My value add is friendly service at competitive prices. Candid reporting. Shining Service. Radiant Home Inspections.